CypherMessage Email PGP Encryption

Encrypt your emails with CypherMessage

Envelope with a lock, symbol for a CypherMessage WebMail PGP encrypted email

Anonymous Secure Email

Protect your privacy

No personal information is needed when you create your CypherMessage WebMail account. Anyone can create an account. Free and private communication is a basic human right. The security of your encrypted email is solely in your hands.

PGP Encrypted Email

Automated email security

Emails transmitted between CypherMessage WebMail accounts are automatically PGP encrypted and signed. Without your password, your encrypted email cannot be decrypted and shared with third parties. End-to-end PGP encrypted email is stored encrypted at every processing stage, during composing and after sending.

Server Side Encryption

Data security

CypherMessage WebMail servers fully encrypt each email, plain text and end-to-end encrypted email. Email is secured by multi-layer encryption. For PGP encrypted email the first encryption layer is applied at the client side and the other encryption layers at the server side.

Automated Key Management

Simple and easy to use. For everyone.

The server manages the private and public PGP keys. Keys are generated in the browser and the private key is encrypted with a passphrase derived from the users password. Neither user password nor the private key passphrase are ever sent to the server. You do not need to install anything. This means you can work from any browser from any location.


Communicate securely with anyone.

You can send and receive email from anyone. If you want to send PGP encrypted email to other email providers, all you need to do is to simply import the public key of the external account you want to send email to. Currently, CypherMessage WebMail supports PGP-Inline and PGP-Mime.

SSL Secured Connections

Communicate on secured connections.

CypherMessage secures all communication at the transport layer with SSL. Messages between the server and your browser are already end-to-end encrypted and SSL adds another layer of protection to ensure that the web page in your browser is not manipulated by a third party. CypherMessage servers refuse to communicate with external email providers who do not support SSL.